Interview with Sylvain Reynard

martes, 25 de abril de 2017

Hello and welcome, Sylvain. My name is Sara from Reads by Sara and I’m profoundly grateful for the incredible opportunity you’re giving me and all your Spanish-speaking fans to participate in this Blog Tour.
Personally, I really admire the Gabriel Series and never thought possible that “Noches en Florencia,” a paranormal romance series could surpass it, but for me it did and it was a nice surprise. It definitely is becoming one of my favorite series.

SR: Hello Sara. Thank you for inviting me to visit your blog. It’s a great pleasure to be with you and your readers. Thank you for your kind words about my novels. I’m so pleased you enjoyed them.

Sara: I believe we should start talking about the idea of the story. We know you feel a deep love for Florence and renaissance art.  How did your interest for Florence, Dante, Botticelli and the art of this particular city starts?

SR: I read Dante long before I ever visited Florence. My interest in Florence and Florentine history began with his writings. Later, I became interested in Italian and Roman history and eventually visited Florence. It quickly became my favourite city in the world, especially because of the artwork and the architecture.

Sara: How would you describe yourself as a reader, an author and as a person?

SR: I read a lot of nonfiction and I read fantasy and historical fiction. I really enjoy writing and interacting with my readers. I’m far from perfect but I try to take stock of my faults and work to correct them. I try to be kind and compassionate to others.

Sara: In “The Florentine Series” we have a genre that is very common these days among the young adults with a very popular topic.  However, this series targets an older audience and has a unique writing style.  How your interest to write a paranormal novel was born?

SR: Part of my reason for writing this story was to write my own mythology of Florence. I wanted to explore its history through the eyes of a character and then place him in contact with a modern woman to see what would happen … 

Sara: Raven is a very different character from what we’re used to seeing not only in literary works but also in other aspects of contemporary art. She doesn’t meet the beauty standards created by our society. What inspired you to create her? What are your thoughts in regards to beauty standards?

SR: If you look at Renaissance art, you’ll discover the women depicted in the paintings are healthy and voluptuous.  Botticelli painted Primavera in 1482. That’s less than six hundred years ago. Yet somehow western culture’s idea of feminine beauty has become decidedly less voluptuous. But when I look at Primavera I see incredible beauty. That’s how I approached the character of Raven. When I look at her, when I write about her and about how William reacts to her, all I see is beauty. She deserves nothing less than to be appreciated for how attractive she is.

Sara: I am one of the women who proclaim themselves as “YO SOY RAVEN.” How do you feel about this campaign? What would you say to all these people who say “Yo Soy Raven”?

SR: Be beautiful and be courageous. Part of Raven’s beauty comes from her character – her compassion and her courage. These qualities make her physical beauty even more attractive. So I would say to the readers that character counts so embrace both your inner and your outer beauty.

Sara: The Prince is a very controversial character that awakens feelings of love and hate at the same time. What would you say about him?

SR: I’m sympathetic to William because I know his history and I know his character.  He’s proud but he’s also noble. Raven is a challenge to him in many ways and that’s what makes their relationship so interesting. She is his equal in strength of character and so they are an excellent match.

Sara: Julia and the Professor have a cameo in this story, and I won’t deny that it captures the attention of the reader; they are both very special characters. In your opinion, what is so special about Raven and the Prince that captures the attention of the reader in a different way than Gabriel and Julia do? Do you feel any connection with them?

SR: When I write, I envision the characters as real people with thoughts, desires, fears, etc. I approach them from this perspective because I want the readers to believe that the characters are real, too. I think it’s the reality along with the way love changes each of these characters that readers respond to the most.

Sara: Why do you think people should read “The Florentine Series”? What makes this series so special and unique?

SR: Raven is an unconventional heroine. She’s intelligent, she’s brave, and she’s very, very persistent. The relationship that emerges between her and the Prince of Florence is a unique one. Even though they come from different worlds, they match one another. There is a push and pull between the two of them as they face different challenges that I believe is very compelling. At one point William mentions that Raven is hope, dancing in his arms.  In many ways she rescues him more than he could ever rescue her.

Sara: What can you tell us about #TMitBS?

SR: The Man in the Black Suit is novel I’m writing that should be released in December. It’s a romance/suspense novel set in Paris. The female lead, Acacia, is Brazilian. The male lead, Nicholas, is a mystery … There will be artwork and intrigue and travel and maybe a few familiar faces.

Sara: Is there anything that you’d like to share with your fans? Any advice or reflection?

SR: I want to thank you and the Spanish speaking community for their tremendous and enthusiastic support of me and my writing. Thank you for embracing Raven and William and for your commitment to the #YoSoyRaven campaign. I am working hard to bring you The Shadow and The Roman in Spanish. I am not giving up. Thank you for reading.

Sara: Like I mentioned before, thank you very much for this opportunity. We hope to hear good news about the translations of The Shadow and The Roman into Spanish. Meanwhile, I send you a big kiss and the gratitude from all your Argentinian fans for writing stories that are so beautiful.

SR: Muchas gracias Sara y muchas gracias Argentina. Gracias por leer, SR.

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